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Simply the Fastest, Easiest, Most Affordable Way to Learn to Play Music. 

Guitar Lesson Student

Guitar Lessons in Highlands Ranch

Shred the electric guitar or strum the acoustic guitar, then take the stage as anything from a singer/songwriter to a face-melting lead guitarist. 

Piano Lessons in Highlands Ranch

Tickle the ivories as you learn the foundations of music theory. Piano lessons will teach you to play the world's most versatile instrument.

Piano Lesson Child
Bass Guitar Lesson Student

Bass Guitar Lessons in Highlands Ranch

Lay down the groove and play that funky music til you die. Bass guitar lessons will teach you to be the backbone of the band.

Drum Lessons in Highlands Ranch

Grab your sticks and take your throne, Highlands Ranch. Drum lessons will teach you to lay down the beat. 

Drum Lesson Student
Voice Lesson Student

Singing and Voice Lessons in Highlands Ranch

Believe it or not, anyone can learn to sing. We'll get you on pitch and expressing yourself through song in voice lessons. 

"Littlebirds" Music Lessons for Ages 4-7

Adorable. Loud. The perfect class to introduce your young person to music! Kids that would ordinarily be too young to benefit from conventional lessons will have a blast learning on simplified versions of drums, guitar, and key board. Plus, they'll sing too! 

Preschool Music Lesson Kids

The Songbird Music Lessons Secret Sauce

We have a proven formula for helping students of all ages learn to play music quickly and easily. 

Learn in Person

Songbird teachers aren't just fantastic musicians, they are fantastic teachers too. We love technology, but there's nothing like being in the room with your teacher to learn quickly and easily.

Learn Online

Our curriculum is broken down into easy-to-follow video lessons that you can access anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can ask always questions via email and receive personalized video lessons. You'll never wonder what to practice

Jam Together

At Songbird we believe that music was meant to be something that brings people together. That's why we'll teach you to play with a band right from the beginning - at no additional cost

"I am so grateful to have found Songbird! I have wanted to learn guitar for years now and always dreamed of playing my favorite songs…they have now made that a reality.

I discovered them with an Instagram sponsored ad and their convenient location helped a ton going to and from work.

They have a fantastic group of instructors who make it fun and simple to learn guitar basics. It’s great that they cater to many different skill levels and offer individual lessons to fill the gaps or even learn that song you’ve always wanted to!

One of the coolest offerings is their jam nights, where they create a live band setting in their space and offer the opportunity to play the songs we’ve learned in a live performance! Its an awesome way to make friends and realize how much progress you’ve made. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn guitar in south Denver!"
Jeffrey Nichols
Jesse Griego, 5-star Google Review

Ready to Get Started? Book a Free Introductory Lesson. 

We offer a one-on-one lesson for you or your child on us! There's no obligation to sign up. We just want to gift you the opportunity to see if Songbird Music Lessons are right for you.