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Littlebirds Music Lessons for Ages 4-7

Preschool children taking music lessons
music teachers with child taking music lessons

The BIG Problem With Traditional Music Lessons for Preschool Ages:

They can be boring and too difficult for children whose motor skills are still developing. That means music lessons can be frustrating and unproductive if a child is too young. That won't happen with us. We ensure your child has such a positive experience in our classes that they'll love music for life! 

“Littlebirds” is our one-of-a-kind ROCK program for kids ages 4-7! At Songbird, we believe FUN is the most important thing for music students at this age. 

So, instead of conventional lessons on an instrument, your kiddo will use simplified versions of guitar, drums, piano, and voice. 

Then, best of all, they'll jam with other kids in an adorable little band!

You don't have to buy an instrument, and they don't have to practice at home. They just come in once a week and have a BLAST making music! 

Plus, they'll create a musical foundation they can build on when they're old enough for regular lessons. 

"Littlebirds" is the Perfect Way to Introduce Your Child to Music

  • Experience Four Instruments

    We use simplified versions of guitar, bass, piano, and drums so that your child gets to experience many options. This way they'll know exactly what they want to play when they're older. 

  • Read Music

    Your child will learn the basics of reading music at the perfect age.

  • Get Rhythm

    Your child will develop a sense of rhythm and time that will help them not only play music, but also with things like dance and other sports.

  • Hear Pitch

    Your child is at the perfect age to develop their "ear." This might be the best part of our program for long-term musicians. An ability to match pitch and notes will pay huge dividends as they grow into older musicians.

  • Play with Others

    Your child will learn about cooperation, listening, and teamwork as they rock out with other kids in an adorable little band. 

  • Be Inspired!

    Our goal with your young person is to make sure they have FUN so they will love music for life. 

Ready to Get Started? Book a Free Introductory Class. 

We offer a Littlebirds trial class for your child on us! There's no obligation to sign up. We just want to gift you the opportunity to see if Songbird Music Lessons are right for you.