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Voice Lessons in Highlands Ranch

The Songbird Music Lessons Secret Sauce

We have a proven formula for helping students of all ages learn to sing quickly and easily. Most of our students can sing three songs (or more) with a band in just 90 days!

Learn in Person

Songbird teachers aren't just fantastic musicians, they are fantastic teachers too. We love technology, but there's nothing like being in the room with your teacher to learn quickly and easily.

Learn Online

Our curriculum is broken down into easy-to-follow video lessons that you can access anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can ask always questions via email and receive personalized video lessons. You'll never wonder what to practice

Jam Together

At Songbird we believe that music was meant to be something that brings people together. That's why you can learn to play with a band right from the beginning - at no additional cost

An adult voice lesson

Voice Lessons for Adults

At Songbird we can teach anyone to sing - even if you think you couldn't carry a tune in a backpack. Our classes will get you started with the fundamentals, then allow you to branch out into the style of singing that suits you. 

We teach a variety of genre including blues, rock, country, Americana, and jazz. With our voice lessons you'll not only learn the songs you like, but we'll help you find your own unique voice as well.

Ask any local musician and they'll tell you: someone is always looking for a singer. The good news for you is, we'll start you out learning to sing with a full band right form the beginning. You'll know how your voice in with the band, and when you're ready, you'll have no trouble finding people to jam with!

Voice Lessons for Kids 8-13

There are many excellent reasons to sign your young person up for voice lessons: it’s a fun hobby that is proven to increase brain function, cognition, problem-solving skills, focus, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Learning to sing also helps them learn to work cooperatively with a group, make friends, and further develop their emotional intelligence. 

Plus, being able to sing like a pro provides a lifelong creative outlet and means of self-expression.

But here’s the important thing: None of these things can occur if your child doesn’t stick with it for the long haul. 

That’s why we’ve developed a program to make it easy for your child to learn, practice, and singing. Our goal is to inspire them to make music a part of their lives forever.

A girl enjoying voice lessons for children
Child enjoys singing lessons for children
Coaching a teen in a voice lesson

Voice Lessons for Teens

At Songbird we can teach anyone to sing - even if you think you couldn't carry a tune in a backpack. More importantly, teens will learn the skills they need to start a high school band, sing in the school showcase, or write and record their own original music. Our teens also can also get a foundation in music theory that can set them up for success as collegiate music majors. 

The best part of voice lessons for teens may be the social and psychological benefits. Not only do studies show improved academic performance, teens themselves say they see their music as a way they can distinguish themselves from the world, break down barriers between cultures, and meet people who share similar thoughts and values. 

All of our teachers thought of music as a life-line in their teenage years. Now they are passionate about inspiring this generation of teenagers to find their musical voice. 

Looking for voice lessons for a child aged 4-7? 

Check out our amazing "Littlebirds" music program for this age group!

Why Choose Songbird Music Lessons?

  • Super Affordable

    Our lessons are only $30-$40 an hour. But you don't just get the lessons, you get access to the online learning center, personalized video lessons, and weekly jams also!

  • Locally Owned

    Dan lives in Highlands Ranch. He has two kids that go to Highland's Ranch schools and his wife, Jessica, teaches kindergarten at Coyote Creek Elementary.

  • Flexible Schedule

    With us, you don't get locked into a weekly lesson time you can't move without penalties. We have lesson times to accommodate even the busiest schedules.

  • Proven Results

    Our average student is able to play three songs (or more) with a band after just 90 days with us. 

  • Band Practice at No Additional Cost

    All Songbird Music Lessons programs come with the opportunity to play with a band with no expensive fees. 

See What Others Are Saying... 

"Dan is an amazing teacher. I still can believe how far I’ve come in such a short period of time. The group classes have been extremely helpful and I love how easy it is to set up classes for even the busiest of schedules. Dan does an outstanding job of meeting you at your level and giving you a path to move up. I truly just can’t say how tankful I am to be apart of these classes."
Ryan Smyth
Ryan Smyth, 5-Star Google Review
"I think we were the first people to sign our kids up at Songbird. 😊 We’re really glad we did. Our son and daughter love the classes and I’ve been impressed by how thorough and organized the curriculum is compared to other options we’ve seen. I recommend it highly!"
David Gardner, 5-Star Google Review
"I've been practicing guitar with Dan for years, and I can't recommend him enough. He's a talented musician, yes, but what sets him apart are his decades of experience teaching others. He's fun and patient, and knows how to push just the right amount to get the best out of his students."
Jeff Levy
Jeff Levy, 5-Star Google Review
"Songbird Music guitar lessons and the teachers (Dan and Brett) are fantastic. The environment is extremely encouraging and supportive. The classes are fun and well structured. They meet you where you are at with any level of experience."
Sue Stott
Sue Stott, 5-Star Google Review

Ready to Get Started? Book a Free Introductory Lesson. 

We offer a one-on-one lesson for you or your child on us! There's no obligation to sign up. We just want to gift you the opportunity to see if Songbird Music Lessons are right for you.